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You’ve heard all the hype, sorted out the facts from empty promises, and have a realistic idea of what online marketing can do for you. You’re ready to tap into the tremendous business potential the Web has to offer. But like a ship sailing uncharted waters, you need a reliable guide. To avoid the pitfalls of the World Wide Web, you need a Web developer with insight into the process and practical experience of building a functional, profitable site. At Peterboro Communications, we can help you take clear steps toward well-defined goals that result in a successful online presence.

Some Web “gurus” possess technical skills, but no real marketing savvy. They can produce a site with lots of techno-flash, but no real purpose; what’s known in our business as “all show, no go.” Other developers may offer some marketing advice, but ultimately disappoint with a cookie-cutter site unsuited to your unique corporate needs. And often, no one may see it anyway, because there was no real plan to promote it in the first place!

When you select Peterboro Communications to design and implement your Web site, we bring a lot to the table: Taste, talent, and an awareness of what works -- not only on the Web, but in terms of integrating your Internet presence into your company’s overall marketing plan. We work hard to understand your business and your customers. Our own extensive background in marketing and design helps us know what works in a variety of media, both traditional and new — a fact that’s critical to successful Web design.

At Peterboro, we will not only guide you through the process of building your site, but will maintain it as well. If your site content remains fresh and interesting, customers come back. With our long-standing reputation for customer service, you can be assured that your site will be conscientously updated to keep abreast of your new product and/or service offerings, promotional campaigns, and in tune with the ever-changing Web business climate. Your audience will keep coming back because your site gives them value -- just as Peterboro Communications gives you value in building and maintaining your corporate identity in a new medium.

We’d like to hear about your ideas for your company's online presence. Just call us or send an e-mail to begin learning how to establish goals for your Web site and how we can help you make them a reality.

To send us questions or suggestions about the design and content of our Web site, please contact our Webmaster.

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