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WHACK! You’re hearing the downsizing ax falling all around you. Your position has been spared, but suddenly you find yourself charged with all kinds of responsibilities you weren’t trained for. Of all the new jobs you have to do, the worst is handling the company’s printing. What do you know from design and pre-press, paper specification, offset lithography and web vs. sheet-fed? Oy! It’s enough to spur a Maalox® moment, but you have to get it done, or the next head that rolls may be your own.

No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. You’re simply trying to get along in late 20th century corporate America. If this scenario sounds familiar, you know how scary it can be trying to find the right printer; one with the proper equipment to handle your project, who can deliver on time and on budget. You’re held accountable for the results, and considering all your other duties, this is a situation designed for stress.

Peterboro Communications offers a solution that doesn’t involve antacids or pink slips. Let us manage your print projects from concept to completion. It won’t cost you or your company anything extra, and we guarantee satisfaction. We’ll make sure your work gets done the way it should, and that you look good in the process.

How can we do this? Peterboro has been in the print management business for more than 25 years. We have established relationships with printers and collateral service firms that give us priority status on their schedules, which ensures prompt turnaround. We also have access to downtime on their presses, which we secure for our clients at below-market rates. We make our money by charging that time at standard levels, which gives our clients great work at fair market prices and keeps our printers’ presses busy, which makes them happy. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

We add value by shepherding each job through design and pre-press if our client needs those services; by helping the client select appropriate stock to run the job on; locating and specifying that stock from a paper supplier; securing quotes; placing the job with the most effective printer; delivering proofs to clients for approval; and finally, delivering the finished job to the client. All this at a cost no higher than the client would have paid to go directly to a printer, but with the added expertise and service to get the job printed right and make sure the client gets the quality they expect without having to do all the legwork.

As an added bonus, we also try to educate our clients about the details of the print process so they can become more comfortable with the job they have to do. Unlike some print brokers, we don’t feel threatened by clients who want to know more about this process. We believe the more a client knows about the services we offer, the more they will appreciate the work we take off their hands. Of course, if you don’t have time to learn these details, you can just hand off your jobs to Peterboro and trust us to bring back what you need, when you need it, at a price you can live with.

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